Houssem Eddine Chachia


Assistant Professor at the University of Tunis (Tunisia)
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Houssem Eddine Chachia is an Assistant Professor at the University of Tunis (Tunisia). Coordinator Tunisia of the program New Generation of Social Scientists in the Arab Region, at Arab Council for the Social Sciences (Beirut). He was a visiting fellow at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies – at Harvard University (2017-2018). He mainly works on the Moriscos. He is interested in the processes and complexities of identity formation, and the relationship between Europe and the Maghreb in the modern era. His publications include The Sephardic and Moriscos: The Journey of expulsion and installation in the Maghreb (1492-1756), stories and itineraries.” (2015); Entre las orillas de dos mundos. El itinerario del jerife morisco Mūḥamed Ibn Abd Al-Rafīʿ: de Murcia a Túnez (2017); Túnez, el Mediterráneo y los Moriscos: Homenaje a Slimane Mostafa Zbiss y Mikel de Epalza (Tunis, forthcoming);  The Morisco landscape: expulsion narratives in the modern Spanish thought 16th-19th centuries (Riyadh, forthcoming),  Awarded as a best young researcher for the year 2020 (section history), presented by Beit al-Hikma (Tunisia), and the Arab Youth Award for Research and Religious Studies (2017), presented by Foundation Mominoon Without Borders (Morocco), and Ibn Battuta Award (2015), section Studies and edition, presented by the Arab Center for the travel literature (London-Abu Dhabi).


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